Dental Waste

Over the years, WGS Clinical Services has worked closely with dental and orthodontic practices throughout the South East in the specialised field of dental waste removal.    

Today, we provide a comprehensive range of professional waste management services for dentists across large parts of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and now, increasingly, into London. 

As well as collecting your clinical waste bags and sharps - we are highly experienced in the safe removal of:

  • Amalgam Guard 
  • Amalgam Caps 
  • Amalgam Sludge 
  • Tooth Boxes
  • Bridge & Crowns 
  • Photo Fixer, Developer & Lead Foils
  • Gypsum Waste (calcium sulphate) 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste for your out of date medication & De-Naturing Kits for controlled drugs.

In order to comply with current regulation, dental and orthodontic surgeries are often required to isolate, store and dispose of dental waste material in separate receptacles.  To ensure full quality control and to assist with all the obligatory procedures, WGS’s highly knowledgeable staff will provide you with the appropriate containers, so that waste is properly separated. We will then ensure that the requisite method of disposal is carried out on your behalf – promptly, regularly and reliably.   

And to ensure your clinic or surgery remains on top of all the legal necessities associated with dental waste disposal, we will also keep you frequently topped up with new containers and bags to facilitate safe storage.

We also provide post coded bag ties for the traceability of your waste, together with lockable wheelie bins for the safe storage of your clinical bags. These will vary in size according to your waste requirements and the 770 litre and 1100 litre wheelie bins come with industry-leading drop fronts to aid the manual handling procedure.

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